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Meet the Raiju, supernatural embodiments of lightening who have unwittingly found themselves in the service of a hapless dog trainer tragically bereft of talent (as well as any idea his new performing dogs aren’t really dogs at all!)

Never one to miss an opportunity, the Raiju make the most of their situation to explore the new and intriguing world they find themselves in. Will they eventually follow their new master’s commands or will he end up following theirs? Our cute, cuddly foxes are guaranteed to win your heart and steal your sandwiches!

The two Raiju are available with their trainer as a trio, or can be booked without their trainer so that the Raiju are free to explore at will, unleashing their very own brand of cute chaos on the unsuspecting public. Playing games, dancing and stealing hats to their hearts’ content, these mischievous foxes just want to be part of whatever is going on!


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